Image graciously contributed by Sir Gaget and Lady Linda. Gaget drew on the sidewalk in front of CandyMan's store in Winthrope, WA at the international campout.

About the Alky Angels Motorcycle Riders Association

Here you will find general information about the Alky Angels Motorcycle Riders Association including membership information, a copy of the current consitution and by-laws, and a brief history.


Please do not contact us asking to be a member.  If you are interested in becoming an Alky Angel, find an Alky Angel and ask them about it.  Membership applications are only available through active members.  Membership includes patches and an annual subscription to our newsletter which contains detailed contact information for the officers and chapters as well as event fliers, club communication, ride reports, safety information, membership rosters, and much more.

Constitution & By-Laws

Constituation and By-Laws of the Alky Angel Riders Association International

ARTICLE I: We shall be known as the Alky Angels Motorcycle Riders Association, International. The association insignia shall serve to identify one member to another while traveling or attending events, and shall be lent to no other purpose, private or public.
ARTICLE IIa: Members shall be current riders of a motorcycle. Membership will be limited to those who want to ride without the use of alcohol or other mind altering drugs, and shall be the only limitation.
ARTICLE IIb: The Association shall allow non-members to be subscribers to the AAMA Newsletter at an annual fee equal to the current membership renewals dues. Subscribers shall not be patch holders and shall not vote. Mailing labels on Subscribers newsletter shall, In some way, Indicate "Subscriber Only".
ARTICLE III: The association is basically of a correspondence nature, with no club house or other formal organization as a locality club would have. This is in no way to preclude the formation of a regional group. In the event of such growth, regional groups shall be recognized at the pleasure of the Alky Angels, as approved by the officers of the club. That group shall be considered part of the Alky Angels Motorcycle Riders Association, International.
ARTICLE IV: There shall be dues or fees for membership in the Alky Angels. Membership of the Alky Angels shall consist of one class of members and all members shall be voting members. Associate member’s name must be on the application in order for them to have a vote.
ARTICLE V: The Alky Angels Shall maintain a membership in the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and shall pay all dues and fees required for that membership. The Club as a whole, shall not affiliated with or pay dues to any regional or district division of the AMA, except for AMA membership as provided in this article. The club ought never endorse, finance, or lend the Alky Angels’ name to any facility or outside enterprise, lest problems of money, property, and prestige divert us from our primary purpose, and that is to ride Sober & Clean and help others to do the same.
ARTICLE VI: Until such time as the membership shall choose otherwise, general correspondence in club matters shall be addressed to the Alky Angels MotorcycleAAMA Association. IN matters affecting the Club in general which require an immediate decision, the officers shall be considered qualified and authorized to act on behalf of the Club, the general welfare of the Club being paramount in any decision rendered.
ARTICLE VII: Our colors consist of White background, circle of Blue enclosing Alky Angels, smaller circle of Blue enclosing Red AA, signifying Alky Angels. A Blue and White "Sober and Clean" rocker may be worn in association with the center patch (touching), as to give the appearance of a one (1) piece patch.
ARTICLE VIII: Elections will be done by mail. Elections will be held annually in January. Call for nominations will be published in the September newsletter. Nominations will be published in the October, November, December newsletters. Final publication of all nominations and ballots will be sent to each member in January's newsletter. Ballots must be returned no later than January 20th of the same year. Results shall be determined by the majority of returned ballots and published in the February newsletter.
ARTICLE IX: Any amendments or additions to the bylaws must be submitted, in writing, to the secretary, by three or more members, and must be received no later than September 15th. The same voting procedure will be followed as outlined in ARTICLE VIII.
ARTICLE X: The Association shall have the following officers who shall be elected for a term of two (2) years.
CHAIRMAN: Who shall receive all correspondence addressed to the AAMA and distribute such to other officers as it relates to their duties, and shall respond to all inquiries when immediate response is required.
TREASURER: Who shall receive and keep record of all funds, and will also maintain proper banking practices and see that all funds drawn and bills paid shall require two signatures of current officers, shall pay all annual renewal fees and provide a current record of officers to the P.O. Box section USPS , and the bank.
SECRETARY: Who shall be responsible proper distribution of all general correspondence of a general interest as well as storing and updating the associations membership, corporate, and sanctioned records.
The officers shall be members of the Alky Angels Motorcycle Association and in addition be members of the AMA during their term(s) of Office.


The Alky Angels Motorcycle Association was founded in 1974 by four members of the Freemont AA Group who rode motorcycles and wanted to create a club to support clean and sober riding. It has gone through 14 amendments to its constitution and by-laws since that time.

If other members have more history please send it to the webmaster.